When most people think of testosterone, it is usually in regards to how important it is to a man’s health. But women also produce a small amount of it in their ovaries, and if they don’t have enough of it in their body, their overall physical and emotional health can be affected by it. Because of this, many doctors recommend that women begin to receive supplemental hormone replacement therapy (HRT) since it offers the following benefits:

Improved Mood

Having a low level of testosterone can contribute to mood swings, depression, anxiety, and irritability in either a male or female. It can also have an impact on someone’s self-esteem. Once it is corrected in an adult, a remarkable change in the emotions is often felt right away. And, as an added benefit, a woman will also have an easier time concentrating and focusing on tasks that she previously struggled with, such as reading a book or finishing a project.

Higher Sex Drive

Testosterone is responsible for women having a healthy sex drive. So if it plunges, they often lose their urge to be intimate with their partner until they start to receive an adequate amount of it again. This can be quite stressful to both them and their partner. That is why doctors often encourage women to speak up about this, so their hormones can be checked.

Stronger Bones and Muscles

Both estrogen and testosterone have an influence on bone density. A low level of either of them can contribute to osteoporosis, which is essentially a condition wherein the bones become fragile and porous. However, the latter of the two is mainly responsible for muscle size and growth. So without enough of it, there is often a significant loss of strength that can affect a woman’s ability to perform daily tasks.

Stronger Immune System

Those with a low level of this hormone will struggle to fight off infections and diseases because they won’t have a strong immune system. But because old research hinted at this hormone possibly increasing the risk of breast cancer, many have cringed for years at the thought of receiving a prescription of it from their doctor. New research has disproved this theory though when it showed that one of its benefits is that it actually seems to reduce the risk of the development of several different kinds of cancer, including breast cancer.

As you can see, testosterone offers a lot of important benefits to a woman. However, receiving supplemental testosterone through hormone replacement therapy may have some side effects to it that should be mentioned. It can increase the growth of facial hair and chest hair on the body, which can be a bit alarming to a woman who is unused to having to shave these areas. Acne can worsen too because of the sudden hormone fluctuations. Sometimes, women may also develop male-pattern baldness or a deepening of their voice. Many of these side effects can be avoided by the careful monitoring of the hormones through frequent testing though.