Benefits of testosterone for men

Testosterone is possibly one of the most important hormones in a guy’s body. It is responsible for a host of benefits and processes, which we’ll break down below.

It May Fight Depression

Researchers have found that this multi-functional hormone – if levels are in the healthy range – may help prevent depression. While scientists are still trying to pinpoint whether depressions result in low T or if low T causes depression, early research indicates a possible mood improvement when undergoing prescribed TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).

It Decreases Body Fat

Testosterone is involved with glucose, fat metabolism, and insulin regulation. It makes sense that decreased levels of T have a negative impact on the body’s ability to burn fat properly. To make things worse, an increase in fat tissue can lead to a further loss of T, since adipose tissue converts T into estrogen.

It Boosts Muscle Mass

One of testosterone’s most well-known benefits is its ability to boost muscle strength and mass. It does this by boosting muscle protein synthesis.

It Makes Your Heart Stronger

Further research is needed, but many scientists and doctors have found compelling evidence that healthy T levels can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It isn’t necessarily T itself that strengthens the heart, but rather the host of benefits that occur from healthy T levels.

It Makes Your Bones Stronger

While osteoporosis is typically considered a female-only problem, guys can be affected by this disease as well. And low T may be the cause. Since it boosts bone density by stimulating the mineralization of bones and decreasing the rate of bone resorption, T is extremely important for bone health. Elderly men dealing with osteoporosis usually lack sufficient T levels.

It Improves Your Sex Life

Since it is a sex hormone, it makes sense it has a significant impact on libido and quality of erections. It’s no surprise that sexual difficulties are one of the first indicators of low T.

It May Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Numerous studies have found a link between low T and a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists hypothesize that healthy T levels can help slow the progression of the disease.

It May Boost Cognitive Function

In addition to possibly lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s, studies also show testosterone may provide benefits in cognitive abilities, particularly in older age groups. Several studies have found a relationship between T levels and memory loss as well as cognitive function. T’s connection to cognitive abilities may explain why guys suffering from inadequate T levels often complain of difficulty concentrating, feeling mentally “foggy”, and struggling with memory loss.

It May Improve Competitiveness

Guys are usually known as being a competitive bunch. T is the likely culprit behind a guys’ desire to win. T levels rise before competitions or fights, creating a variety of effects:

  • Heightened reaction time
  • Improved visual acuity
  • An increase in feelings of indomitability and endurance
  • Increased desire to return to the game, even after a loss
  • Increased hemoglobin
  • Positive changes in muscle mass

It Raises the Desire for Dominance and Power

Various studies have discovered a link between healthy T levels and dominance. T can help motivate men to maintain and achieve positive social status. Although the need for dominance can be negative if it results in criminal actions, it is positive if it helps fuel the desire to reach for success.

It May Help You Find Love

In nature, higher testosterone levels are notoriously associated with competition for mates. A recent study shows this may also be true for human males. The study involved two adult males competing for attractive females affection. Ultimately, higher T levels seemed to correlate with a higher chance of clicking with the opposite sex.

It Increases Tolerance for Taking Risks

There is a strong link between testosterone a willingness to take on risks. Studies indicate that men lacking status and power, but with adequate T levels, are more motivated to take the necessary risk to gain power and status.